Jobs PT Semen Jawa (SJW) - January 2014

Jobs PT Semen Jawa (SJW) - January 2014 | PT Semen Jawa - Semen Jawa Giant companies from Thailand, SCG, build a cement factory in Sukabumi environmentally friendly. The operation of this plant will be carried out by the company's subsidiary, PT Semen Jawa (SJW). This blog contains Jobs Indonesia - Lowongan BUMN dan Swasta.

Placement: Sukabumi - West Java

  1. S1 Electrical Engineering - Power & Electronics (Position: Technician)
  2. S1 Chemical Engineering (Production Promotion / Production Engineer)
  3. S1 Environmental Engineering
  4. S1 & D3 Accounting (Position: accountan / Finance / Procurement)
  5. S1 Psychology and any field (Position: Compensation & Benefits, & Trainer)
  6. GPA> 3.0
  7. Men (Electrical & Chemical Engineering)
  8. Fresh Graduate Welcome
  9. Both in English
Job closes on February 15, 2014. If you are interested, please sumbmit your CV, transcripts, and certificates (UK) directly to:
With Email Subject
(Name) _ (S1/D3-Dicipline) _ (minor) _ University
Example: Jonny_S1Elektro_power_ITB

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